Boxing Superstars KO Champion


boxing superstars ko championBoxing Superstars KO Champion is an addicting fighting game online in which you will compete against various types of opponents in a boxing ring. Go through 20 challenging levels and perform crazy moves to knock out your foes. You will earn points and stars after each match depending on how well you have performed. You will earn one star if you defeat your opponent while getting knocked-out twice, two stars while getting knocked-out once, and three stars without getting knocked out. Use your mouse or keyboard to play this game. Press your A,D keys to dodge left and right. Press your W key to block an incoming attack. Press your K,O keys to make a punch. Press your ; key to perform a special attack once fully charged. When you are knocked out, just press any key on your keyboard as fast as you can repeatedly to get up and continue fighting. Do you have what it takes to defeat all opponents and become the champion?

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