Iron Snout


iron snoutIron Snout is a crazy animal fighting game online in which you will become a pig! Control your character and perform sick moves against your enemies, the angry wolves. Use your arrow keys to jump, kick and punch into directions. Press your up arrow twice for a double jump. Evade projectiles, grab weapons and throw them at the wolves. Catch projectiles by striking at them. Activate combos by hitting an enemy multiple times in a row. Jump over chainsaw wolf attacks and beware of flying objects such as rockets, they are extremely fast and dangerous. Watch your health bar at the top of the screen and make sure you don’t die. Try to survive for as long as possible without getting killed. You can see your in-game statistics such as the overall fighting time and number of kills in the menu. Play the tutorial if you struggle with the controls. Let’s see how many wolves you can kill in this cool fighting game called Iron Snout!

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