Pro Wrestling Action


pro wrestling actionPro Wrestling Action is a super-fun fighting game online in which you can become one of the world’s most famous wrestlers! Choose one of the eight available characters and jump onto the ring. Try to beat all opponents and become the last man standing! Earn coins and upgrade your stats to make your wrestler more powerful. Move your mouse to walk around the ring. Click your left mouse button to attack an opponent. Move to the corner of the ring, then climb to the top. Once you are in a good position, press attack to pounce on your opponent. Watch your opponents health bar displayed above their head. Your health bar, as well as the number of knockouts and earned coins, is displayed on top of the screen. You will activate a rage mode once it’s fully charged! In the Pro Wrestling Action game, you can play as the Rock, Hulk Hogan, and other famous wrestlers. Can you beat all opponents and become the PWA champion?

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