Regular Show Fist Punch 2


regular show fist punch-2The Regular Show Fist Punch games series has returned to our Fighting Games site with the second edition! In the Regular Show Fist Punch 2 game online, you will once again be helping Mordecai and Rigby on a dangerous mission where they will face hundreds of enemies. You will be fighting hooligans and demons using your fists and various types of melee weapons like hammers, brooms, and sticks with boxing gloves. Use your arrow keys to control your character. Press K to jump, L to attack, K+L to perform a special attack. Alternatively, you can press your L key to grab and item or weapon. Watch your health bar and special attack bar displayed on the top of the screen. The game can be played by two players on the same PC, so you can invite your friend to the fight! At the beginning, there are only two characters to choose from. As you progress in the game, you will unlock two more heroes called Margaret and Skips.

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