Fighting Games Online

Fighting Games online are cool sports games inspired by various kinds of martial arts. These browser games are unblocked for school and you can play them for free on PC and mobile. No download is required! Our Fighting Games website offers only the best and the most popular boxing games, wrestling games and sword fighting games. In a free fighting game online, you take the role of a professional fighter whose objective is to compete against opponent fighters and survive. Try to defeat every single enemy attacking you, win the tournament and become the champion. Perform training after each match and learn new offensive or defensive moves that will save your life. Every fight will be a little different, so you will have to adapt your tactics to the opponent. You will start as an amateur street fighter competing against other guys on the street. Once you get strong enough, you will start earning money, which you can use to upgrade your skills and become even stronger. After that, you will be able to enter an international fighting competition where you will face the most powerful opponents for a chance of becoming the world champion.

Types of Fighting Games

There are many different categories of fighting games online with various combat techniques. The most popular category of fighting games is boxing games. These simulator games offer realistic graphics and challenging gameplay, which makes them addicting and fun. In a boxing game online, you become a boxer and your mission is to knock out as many opponents as possible. Enter the ring, punch your foes with the boxing gloves and block all incoming attacks as quickly as you can. You will need a lot of practice to master your moves, or you will get destroyed! Another category of fighting games online is wrestling games. If you like watching WWE matches, then you will love these games! Play as some of the most famous wrestlers such as the Rock or the Undertaker and show the crowds how strong you are! The most interesting category of fighting games for kids is two-player games. In a two-player fighting game online, you will have a chance to challenge your friend on the same PC and find out who is the better fighter. If you like ancient times and epic battles, then a sword fighting game might be the best option for you.

Free Sports Games

If you like fighting games online, you might be interested in some other sports as well. The popularity of team sports such as football and basketball has been on the rise and thanks to our online gaming websites, you can now enjoy these games for free, directly in your browser, unblocked for school. If you are a fan of soccer and American football, then you should visit our Free Football Games site where you can play hundreds of football kicking games and soccer games online. If you would rather like to train your basketball free-throwing skills, then go ahead and check out some of the basketball games online. If ice hockey is the sport you are interested in, then playing a free online hockey game is a great way to practice your ice skating and puck-shooting skills. Baseball is another team sport that is extremely popular around the globe. If your dream is to become a pro baseball player whose job is to bat the ball and score home runs, then you should try some of the baseball games for kids. Maybe you are more into jumping and free-running around an obstacle course. In this situation, you will enjoy playing our parkour games online.