Big Shot Boxing


big shot boxingBig Shot Boxing is a realistic fighting game online in which you will become a professional boxer. The game contains random events and luck-based elements to mirror the unpredictable sport of boxing. Choose one of the 20 available boxer characters and start a new career. Enter the ring, fight other boxers, win matches and unlock achievements. There are four rounds in each match. Try to hit your opponent as many times as you can to score points and win the match. Earn money and spent it for upgrades. You can increase your health, power, chin, and recovery. Your character can be customized using various types of boxing gloves, shorts and boots. Watch your rankings after each match and try to get to the top of the leaderborad. In the Big Shot Boxing game online, you can win or lose a fight at any time with just one single punch! Most boxing careers have some ups and downs. So, try to enjoy the journey and have fun!

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