facepunch.ioFacePunch.io Boxing Arena is a multiplayer fighting game online, in which you will have to punch all opponents around you into the face and survive for as long as possible. Navigate your character around the arena, wait for the right moment and hit the nearest enemy player using your mighty gloves. As you progress, your health bar becomes bigger. With full heath, each boxer can withstand multiple hits before he is knocked out. Collect colorful pieces scattered around the map to score points. You score points for each punch performed. Smash multiple enemies in a row to perform combos and earn even more points! All other players will try to smash your face as well, evade the incoming attacks at all costs. Move your mouse to control your character. Click using your left mouse button or press your space bar to punch. Right click or press W to sprint. How many enemy players can you knock out in FacePunch.io?

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