Mixed Macho Arts


mixed macho artsMixed Macho Arts is a unique two-player fighting game online in which you will have a chance to challenge your friend in a one-on-one wrestling match. The game features cool pixel-art graphics and super-fun gameplay that will make you addicted in no time! Fight your opponent using arrows or W,A,S,D keys and avoid getting pushed off the ring at all costs. You can kick, punch, hold and throw your foe just like in a normal wrestling match. You have three lives left at the beginning of each duel and if you fall off the platform, you will lose one life. Defeat your opponent three times to win the match. You can either play against the AI in the single player mode, or against a real person in the two player mode. Both players can play on one computer using the same keyboard. The game is also available on iPhone and Android devices. How many duels can you win in this crazy Mexican wrestling game called Mixed Macho Arts?

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