Total Smashout


total smashoutTotal Smashout is an arena fighting game online. You are a gladiator and your objective is to fight your opponents in the arena and survive. Jump right into the battle and knock out as many gladiators as you can before they have a chance to get you. Explore countless combinations of different weapons and upgrades. Try to climb the global scoreboard and become a champion, or just mess around and have fun. Use your A,D keys to move left and right, press space and E key to attack. Watch your weapon bars, they show how much aggression, fear and crowd joy is gained per hit of your weapon. Aggression increases your damage effects and markers. Enemy fear improves knock-backs, stuns etc. Crowd joy gives you healing bonus and cool-downs bonus. There are cool-downs for each attack, so you should try to plan ahead. How long can your gladiator last in the Total Smashout arena and how many opponents can he knock out?

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